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You don't need to change your lifestyle and diet on your own!

Are you ready to join a programme that some have referred to as "LIFE CHANGING"

It is time to become the BEST version of YOU! To start looking and feeling like the superhero that you are! 

Has the stress of the last few years started to take its toll? Are you relying on caffeine, sugar, junk food and alcohol to get through your days?

It’s true, the last few years have hit us all in different ways and suddenly what we ate didn’t seem so important, but now you feel rubbish… And you’re still juggling a million things and trying to keep your cool. Isn’t it time you did something for YOURSELF?

Are you wanting to end this year on a HIGH, feeling your absolute BEST... 

Isn't it time to put YOU first??

I believe that all women deserve to feel like Wonder Woman, which is why I’ve put together this 10-week online programme to help you become the best version of yourself. 

I’ve created the ultimate programme. In 10 weeks I'm going to help you improve:



Stress tolerance

Hormone balance



Mental wellbeing

& so much MORE

I've pulled in some incredible guest experts to share their tips and tricks to support the above points... Together, we are an ultimate team.

With the help of my dream team, this programme will set you up for success and get you well on your way to becoming a modern-day superhero (even if you aren't up for wearing the thigh high boots and spandex), so that you can attack everything that life throws at you with confidence and control.

What it includes:

10 weeks of access to a qualified nutritionist (worth £3000) via a private facebook group. 

A 6 week meal plan, mapped out for you (worth £300)

Over 7 incredible guest experts (worth over £1000)

Pantry list 

Group accountability to keep you on track

Community support from like-minded people

Weekly lives to include a Q&A session

A Bonus 2 weeks with me after Christmas to get you focussed in the new year, worth £250

Total Value - £4550!!! You get all of this for a fraction of the price! 

This all starts on 7 October.... Places will fill up very fast... so don't delay getting your place. 

Still not sure? 

Hear what the last group of Wonder Woman had to say about the programme; 

"You NEED to do this, I have already told so many women to join the next one" 

"I didn't think I could actually follow through with the plan but with the support of the Janine and the group, seeing everyone's highs and lows showed me I could do it too" 

"Just do it! You'll be so happy you did it and all of the stuff I've learned has been a massive help". 

"I have completed the 6 weeks Wonder Woman program and what an amazing experience it was. It’s def transformed my eating habits and I am feeling so much better. Janine is passionate about her job and has so much knowledge which she shared with us all. I would recommend this program or Janine to anyone who is seriously thinking about changing yourself for the best."

"Do it! Without a doubt you’ll learn so much. The group support is amazing, it’s so good to know
you’re not going through it alone. Janine is a brilliant support with such a wealth of knowledge and does a great job of explaining how everything works."

"The weight loss has made me so happy! I also wake up feeling rested and energised"

"BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE ... fact!! On Janine’s 6 week Wonder Woman program I have lost 11lbs, 4 inches around my waist, but most importantly I feel the best I can ever remember feeling. She is a wealth of knowledge that one couldn’t put a price on. She offers the best support and the yummiest food... !! I cannot recommend her enough."

"You care about each and everyone of us on this programme and want us to do well. My biggest achievement has been completing this programme with a newborn and being a first time mum"

"I don't want this programme to end"

"Just do it. You won't regret it".

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