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Mother and Baby


The aim of this plan is to get as many mummas feeling like themselves again as possible. 

I remember the early days well (I barely functioned for those first few months and everything became about Noah’s health and happiness). As a mum you tend to put everyone before yourself… Well this plan is all about putting you first so that you have the strength to continue looking after everyone without feeling run down, exhausted or broken.

I know exactly how it feels to be running on empty, to be craving the coffee and the cake  just to get through the next hour, let alone the day! I also know how to turn that around and get you feeling your best again.

This is a 6 week nutrition programme: 

Every week we focus on something different: 

Week 1 - Energy boosting

Week 2 - Dealing with sleep deprivation/ better quality sleep

Week 3 - Mood boosting

Week 4 - Mind/ brain boosting

Week 5 - Postpartum skin

Week 6 - Postpartum hair loss 

Each week you are giving an information guide that details the nutrients you should include in your diet to support these issues along with a meal guide; which  includes 10 breakfast ideas, 20 mains and 10 snacks. There is no calorie counting, no fat counting, no whatever counting… The whole idea of the plan is to focus on getting goodness back into you. 

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you will have access to me 7 days a week (I will respond to all queries within 24 hours).

The Facebook group will also be a great place to mingle with other mums.

I run weekly live training sessions each week to explain things in depth too. 

And if that isn't enough; you get access to the private facebook group for LIFE. 

Price £99.00

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