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Ideas to support you this winter and help you beat the bugs. 

Do you frequently get coughs and colds every winter? 

Do you feel run down and exhausted? 

Do you have a crazy busy end to the year with no down time? 

Then this e-book is for you!

Content includes: 

* Information about the likely causes of a less than optimal immune system. 

* How to support the key areas that impact your immune system

* Information on the specific nutrients that support your immune system and where to find them. 

* Superfoods that support your immune system

* A list of my favourite supplements to support the immune system

* At least 7 days worth of recipes included. 

"I came to Janine after having my son and 6 courses of antibiotics in the space of 6 months. I was getting no sleep, breastfeeding and dealing with multiple infections. Janine has completely transformed my health and I wish I'd done it sooner". 

"I do not hesitate to recommend Janine and her expert advice"

"I've learned to love food more than ever before"

"I've learned how to properly nourish my body and take care of it"

* Normal price £14.99 but during this unsettling time I am offering this book at half price *

Ebook will be sent within 48 hours of receiving payment. 

Supporting your immune system this winter: Services
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