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An E-book to help you stay on track over the holidays


* Guidelines on how to prioritise nutrition over the festive period

* Tips on how to keep focussed on your health, to avoid the stress and overwhelm. 

* Breakfast and main meal recipes to get you through December

* Christmas day recipe inspiration 

* Low sugar cocktails 

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"I never knew eating healthy could be so simple" 

"I wasn't expecting so many recipes in here, this will definitely keep me on track" 

"It looks absolutely amazing, I'm so glad I bought it" 


We all know what it is like... As soon as December the 1st arrives we have a "screw it, it can wait till January mentality". I've created this e-book to help avoid that. 

So many clients say to me in January "Why did I do it?!" "I feel terrible"... 

If you don't want to feel like that in January then you need this e-book. 

Here's what a couple of client's have said.... 

"I can't wait to make these recipes, I'm hungry just looking at them"

"I actually couldn't wait till December and made the energy balls....they are amazing... And... My husband and son also LOVE them, which is a triple win!" 

"I feel so good knowing that my meals are sorted and I can have an on track December for the first time ever". 

If you want to feel like these women then get yours now..... 

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