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A 2 week programme designed to help you beat the cravings, start feeling like you again, and to start creating some healthier habits. 

This is an ideal programme for anyone that wants a kick start for weight loss, to see an increase in energy or if the timing isn't quite right to join me on my live programme, but you know you want to make a few changes. 

It's been created so that you can start at any point, and you can re-do it time and time again. Once purchased you will have access to the content for life. 

The programme is all in one downloadable document for you to keep.

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"Your enthusiasm for nutrition and helping us become the best version of ourselves is absolutely contagious! I never would have dreamed that eating better and learning about it could be fun!"

"You've made this really easy and you've got me cooking again (to which my husband thanks you!) I just wish I'd had the knowledge you've given me years ago! I've been trying to get rid of my belly and you've done it in 3 weeks. THANK YOU"

"Your methods are the only thing that has worked for me. I've been trying to lose the last of the baby weight for ages and nothing worked. I'm now back in my pre-pregnancy clothes"

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So what do you get?

​A guide on what to eat and when

I've listed the types of foods you should be eating to help you tackle the cravings and kick start those healthier habits with nutrients I know can support blood sugar balance, weight loss, mood, 

Meal Planning

I've mapped out a 2 week meal plan for you to follow... So many of my clients tell me that they HATE meal planning with a passion so I've done the hardest bit for you.

I've also included a few extra meal ideas in case you don't like a couple that I've suggested. 

​Most of the meals can be adapted to suit your diet too, and I'm happy to answer any questions on the recipes about how you could tweak something to make it work for you. Just email me on

Downloadable guide

The guide can be downloaded so that you can keep and refer back to it forever

*** This programme is just available for pre-order, it will be released on 8 January 2021 ***

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